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The City of Larnaka

Larnaka is a place where past and present blend magically into a delightful mosaic of sun and culture. It is a Mediterranean destination which amazes every visitor with its diversity and special atmosphere! With a history of 10.000 years, Larnaka is the gateway to Cyprus and a magical blend of old and new. From its traditional architecture, authentic taverns and local handicrafts to its cultural sites and religious monuments, old Larnaka is an evocative glimpse into a Cyprus past. The unique thing about Larnaka is that since
it has been the crossroad of many civilizations it still depicts a mixture of eastern and western culture and such evidence is scattered all across the area.

New and modern Larnaka harmoniously intertwines with the elements of ancient Kition and offers the cosmopolitan visitor beautiful sandy beaches, a bustling promenade lined with cafes and restaurants, brand-name shopping, advanced infrastructure and every conceivable amenity.  With almost guaranteed sunshine every day, Larnaka is an exciting all year round destination which offers various cultural events, numerous attractions, activities and leisure options which are all very close by.

Download the Larnaka Tourism Board brochure and view the Larnaka photo gallery.

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